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Issue 266193005: Merge 171373 "Disable x-webkit-speech" (Closed)

6 years, 7 months ago by eseidel
6 years, 7 months ago


Merge 171373 "Disable x-webkit-speech" > Disable x-webkit-speech > > This does not remove the code yet, only makes x-webkit-speech > test-only (only exposed during LayoutTests) which makes > this patch only a one-line change. We should follow up this > change with a full removal of this feature including > all tests. > > x-webkit-speech is a Chrome-only feature which was > announced as deprecated Feb 2014: >!topic/blink-dev/jlPdpx6jErE > Current usage is at about 0.487% of reported Chrome page views > which is (well) above our normal 0.06% removal threshold: > > > However, hours ago we recieved report of cases where *requiring > user interaction* speech can be captured for up to 8 seconds > or until the user stops un-interrupted speaking without proper > appearance of the "Allow this site to use your microphone" > infobar. > > Although this is only a medium-security issue (requires > user interaction and very limited duration), this is still > severe enough that we no longer believe we can support > this deprecated, webkit-only feature. > > Removing this feature will not affect mobile users > which already have access to speech-input via various > speech-enabled keyboards on Android. Desktop sites which > were using this feature can use the modern Web Speech APIs > instead, which are standardized and supported accross many > browsers: > > Without this feature pages will continue to work, they just > will not be able to get speech input via <input> controls > via these APIs and will either have to use the standard > Web Speech APIs or depend on the operating system to expose > speech input via other methods. > > I've verified that disabling this does not affect the new > JS Web Speech API by testing with: > > > BUG=360448 > > Committed: > > Review URL: Committed:

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