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Issue 2457443003: Move Ozone developer documentation into the chromium tree (Closed)

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6 months ago by fwang
6 months ago
rjkroege, spang
chromium-reviews, tonikitoo, kylechar
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Move Ozone developer documentation into the chromium tree The Ozone Overview [1] is a bit old. We convert it to Markdown and move it into the docs/ directory so that it will be easier to maintain in the future. We also update a bit that documentation. [1] BUG=None Committed: Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#428808}

Patch Set 1 #

Patch Set 2 : Add text description to the Ozone/caca image. #

Patch Set 3 : Update the list of Ozone classes instantiated by an Ozone platform. #

Patch Set 4 : Reorganize a bit the sections and remove the "coming soon" one. #

Patch Set 5 : Update information about the caca platform. #

Patch Set 6 : Update instructions for out-of-tree ports. #

Patch Set 7 : Update Ozone build and run instructions. #

Patch Set 8 : Add more information about the Wayland platform. #

Patch Set 9 : Some final tweaks. #

Total comments: 24

Patch Set 10 : Address some of the review feedback (others delayed in follow-up CLs). #


Total messages: 12 (3 generated)
6 months ago (2016-10-27 10:08:56 UTC) #1
6 months ago (2016-10-28 16:25:45 UTC) #3
Thanks so much for doing this. Better docs at last! File docs/ (right): ...
6 months ago (2016-10-28 20:22:13 UTC) #4
Thanks for the review Robert! File docs/ (right): docs/ used for low level ...
6 months ago (2016-10-31 10:42:51 UTC) #5
lgtm I'm ok with you landing this. We'll add more docs. File docs/ (right): ...
6 months ago (2016-10-31 20:36:49 UTC) #6
fwang File docs/ (right): docs/ ./out/OzoneChromeOS/chrome --ozone-platform=x11 --no-sandbox Mmh, I don't think *chrome* runs ...
6 months ago (2016-10-31 20:45:36 UTC) #7
commit-bot: I haz the power
CQ is trying da patch. Follow status at
6 months ago (2016-10-31 20:46:34 UTC) #9
commit-bot: I haz the power
Committed patchset #10 (id:180001)
6 months ago (2016-10-31 21:01:01 UTC) #10
commit-bot: I haz the power
6 months ago (2016-10-31 21:02:24 UTC) #12
Message was sent while issue was closed.
Patchset 10 (id:??) landed as
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#428808}
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