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Issue 8992026: Merge 102519 - WebPImageDecoder progressive decodes fail to decode valid images (Closed)

9 years ago by kerz_chromium
9 years ago
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Merge 102519 - WebPImageDecoder progressive decodes fail to decode valid images Reviewed by Adam Barth. The WEBP header is followed by a so-called P0 header, then some data to decode. If a partial P0 header is received during progressive decodes, WebPIDecGetRGB() returns false; that makes the decoder enter the failed state, no image appears on the page. James Zern (webp) recommended the following via e-mail: WebPIUpdate() validates input data, and will return an error status for malformed data (bit-stream error, invalid data). Otherwise, it returns OK or SUSPENDED. OK means that decoding is done/complete/no-error, and SUSPENDED means more input data is needed to complete decoding. A NULL return from WebPIDecGetRGB() is valid at this time due to a partial P0, and should not be interpreted as a decoding failure. No new tests. Not something DumpRenderTree can easily test. * platform/image-decoders/webp/WEBPImageDecoder.cpp: (WebCore::WEBPImageDecoder::decode): A NULL WebPIDecGetRGB() return is acceptable here. Return false instead of failing the decoder. Committed:

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