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Issue 8361008: Workaround 75604 for m15 (Closed)

9 years, 2 months ago by gavinp
9 years ago
Nate Chapin
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Workaround 75604 for m15 The double notification is what causes the crash here: eliminating it should prevent the crash; and in all examples of this I've seen to date, it should be good enough. By the time this crash happens, the ScriptRunner has already set a timer that will remove this element as a listener to the cachedscript. However, I don't have a full fix yet (I'm working on a really reliably repo, even), but I do have a reproduction which works locally on a linux machine, and this fix both eliminates the crash in that case, and seems to still keep script heavy sites working. I propose this as a workaround, for now, and to re-evaluate it once we have a better reproduction, and a proper fix that just stops the double notification. BUG=75604 TEST=tested manually

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Nate Chapin
9 years, 2 months ago (2011-10-20 19:57:24 UTC) #1

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