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Unified Diff: third_party/libevent/ChangeLog

Issue 412006: posix: upgrade libevent from 1.4.7 to 1.4.13 (Closed)
Patch Set: better readme Created 11 years, 1 month ago
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Index: third_party/libevent/ChangeLog
diff --git a/third_party/libevent/ChangeLog b/third_party/libevent/ChangeLog
index f0ef72f67fdccb2825d0c0033aec5dcbae518be3..50eb6b36761ac97b7908aff9b2b0825536f6f94a 100644
--- a/third_party/libevent/ChangeLog
+++ b/third_party/libevent/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,56 @@
+Changes in 1.4.13-stable:
+ o If the kernel tells us that there are a negative number of bytes to read from a socket, do not believe it. Fixes bug 2841177; found by Alexander Pronchenkov.
+ o Do not allocate the maximum event queue and fd array for the epoll backend at startup. Instead, start out accepting 32 events at a time, and double the queue's size when it seems that the OS is generating events faster than we're requesting them. Saves up to 512K per epoll-based event_base. Resolves bug 2839240.
+ o Fix compilation on Android, which forgot to define fd_mask in its sys/select.h
+ o Do not drop data from evbuffer when out of memory; reported by Jacek Masiulaniec
+ o Rename our replacement compat/sys/_time.h header to avoid build a conflict on HPUX; reported by Kathryn Hogg.
+ o Build kqueue.c correctly on GNU/kFreeBSD platforms. Patch pulled upstream from Debian.
+ o Fix a problem with excessive memory allocation when using multiple event priorities.
+ o When running set[ug]id, don't check the environment. Based on a patch from OpenBSD.
+Changes in 1.4.12-stable:
+ o Try to contain degree of failure when running on a win32 version so heavily firewalled that we can't fake a socketpair.
+ o Fix an obscure timing-dependent, allocator-dependent crash in the evdns code.
+ o Use __VA_ARGS__ syntax for varargs macros in event_rpcgen when compiler is not GCC.
+ o Activate fd events in a pseudorandom order with O(N) backends, so that we don't systematically favor low fds (select) or earlier-added fds (poll, win32).
+ o Fix another pair of fencepost bugs in epoll.c. [Patch from Adam Langley.]
Mark Mentovai 2009/11/20 16:31:33 nice
+ o Do not break evdns connections to nameservers when our IP changes.
+ o Set truncated flag correctly in evdns server replies.
+ o Disable strict aliasing with GCC: our code is not compliant with it.
Mark Mentovai 2009/11/20 16:31:33 Does this need any attention on our side?
+Changes in 1.4.11-stable:
+ o Fix a bug when removing a timeout from the heap. [Patch from Marko Kreen]
+ o Remove the limit on size of HTTP headers by removing static buffers.
+ o Fix a nasty dangling pointer bug in epoll.c that could occur after epoll_recalc(). [Patch from Kevin Springborn]
+ o Distribute Win32-Code/event-config.h, not ./event-config.h
+Changes in 1.4.10-stable:
+ o clean up buffered http connection data on reset; reported by Brian O'Kelley
+ o bug fix and potential race condition in signal handling; from Alexander Drozdov
+ o rename the Solaris event ports backend to evport
+ o support compilation on Haiku
+ o fix signal processing when a signal callback delivers a signal; from Alexander Drozdov
+ o const-ify some arguments to evdns functions.
+ o off-by-one error in epoll_recalc; reported by Victor Goya
+ o include Doxyfile in tar ball; from Jeff Garzik
+ o correctly parse queries with encoded \r, \n or + characters
+Changes in 1.4.9-stable:
+ o event_add would not return error for some backends; from Dean McNamee
Mark Mentovai 2009/11/20 16:31:33 nice
+ o Clear the timer cache on entering the event loop; reported by Victor Chang
+ o Only bind the socket on connect when a local address has been provided; reported by Alejo Sanchez
+ o Allow setting of local port for evhttp connections to support millions of connections from a single system; from Richard Jones.
+ o Clear the timer cache when leaving the event loop; reported by Robin Haberkorn
+ o Fix a typo in setting the global event base; reported by lance.
+ o Fix a memory leak when reading multi-line headers
+ o Fix a memory leak by not running explicit close detection for server connections
+Changes in 1.4.8-stable:
+ o Match the query in DNS replies to the query in the request; from Vsevolod Stakhov.
+ o Fix a merge problem in which name_from_addr returned pointers to the stack; found by Jiang Hong.
+ o Do not remove Accept-Encoding header
Changes in 1.4.7-stable:
o Fix a bug where headers arriving in multiple packets were not parsed; fix from Jiang Hong; test by me.
@@ -48,7 +101,6 @@ Changes in 1.4.4-stable:
o Fix autoconf script behavior on IRIX.
o Make sure winsock2.h include always comes before windows.h include.
Changes in 1.4.3-stable:
o include Content-Length in reply for HTTP/1.0 requests with keep-alive
o Patch from Tani Hosokawa: make some functions in http.c threadsafe.
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