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Unified Diff: chrome/browser/

Issue 2944283002: Replace --add-to-shelf flag with kAppBanners feature. (Closed)
Patch Set: Self nit Created 3 years, 6 months ago
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Index: chrome/browser/
diff --git a/chrome/browser/ b/chrome/browser/
index 1e624042772791fbc3e6e8ce9e7df6a3dd6b860a..8e9b4f7153713134053dc2f02790ab786f629810 100644
--- a/chrome/browser/
+++ b/chrome/browser/
@@ -264,9 +264,9 @@ const char kScrollPredictionDescription[] =
"Predicts the finger's future position during scrolls allowing time to "
"render the frame before the finger is there.";
-const char kAddToShelfName[] = "Add to shelf";
+const char kAppBannersName[] = "App Banners";
-const char kAddToShelfDescription[] =
+const char kAppBannersDescription[] =
"Enable the display of add to shelf banners, which prompt a user to add "
Matt Giuca 2017/06/22 01:40:38 s/add to shelf/app/ since that's a CrOS-specific t
benwells 2017/06/22 05:57:48 Done.
"a web app to their shelf, or other platform-specific equivalent.";

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