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Issue 2888623011: Fix for HTTP2 request hanging bug. (Closed)

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1 month ago by mmenke
1 month ago
chromium-reviews,,, Bence
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Fix for HTTP2 request hanging bug. If, when a socket request completed asynchronously, the next socket request in the queue failed synchronously, ClientSocketPoolBase wouldn't continue to try to service other socket requests in the queue. As a result, the socket pools could end up with pending connect requests and free socket slots, but no ConnectJobs would be made to service them, if this happened 6 times in a row to a socket group. This was a relatively obscure issue, until H2 started depending on this path for sharing sessions when different domains map to the same IP. BUG=723748 Review-Url: Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#472952} Committed:

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[davidben]: PTAL. Since things are notified of request completion asynchronously, having a loop here shouldn't ...
1 month ago (2017-05-18 20:00:20 UTC) #5
Okay, I think I understand what's going on? Two questions. File net/socket/ (left): ...
1 month ago (2017-05-18 20:22:51 UTC) #6
mmenke File net/socket/ (left): net/socket/ // the looping we leave it at this. On ...
1 month ago (2017-05-18 20:44:57 UTC) #9
lgtm File net/socket/ (right): net/socket/ break; On 2017/05/18 20:44:57, mmenke wrote: > On ...
1 month ago (2017-05-18 20:52:31 UTC) #10
mmenke File net/socket/ (right): net/socket/ break; On 2017/05/18 20:52:31, davidben wrote: > On 2017/05/18 ...
1 month ago (2017-05-18 21:00:43 UTC) #11
commit-bot: I haz the power
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1 month ago (2017-05-18 21:05:31 UTC) #13
commit-bot: I haz the power
1 month ago (2017-05-18 22:36:32 UTC) #16
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