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Issue 2877343003: Switch browser/extensions/api/file_system/file_system_api.[h|cc] to the TaskScheduler API (Closed)

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5 months ago by Sébastien Marchand
5 months ago
mtomasz, fdoray, benwells
chromium-reviews,, tzik, kinuko+fileapi, nhiroki,
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Switch browser/extensions/api/file_system/file_system_api.[h|cc] to the TaskScheduler API With this CL, tasks posted from this file can run in parallel. Previously, they were all posted to the file thread so that was not possible. Please verify that this is ok. Also, please verify that appropriate traits are used to post task BUG=689520 Review-Url: Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#472785} Committed:

Patch Set 1 : Switch FileSystemRetainEntryFunction to the TaskScheduler API. #

Patch Set 2 : Fixes. #

Total comments: 6

Patch Set 3 : Address Francois' comments. #

Total comments: 2

Patch Set 4 : Address Ben's comments. #


Total messages: 47 (37 generated)
Sébastien Marchand
5 months ago (2017-05-16 14:08:19 UTC) #14
fdoray File chrome/browser/extensions/api/file_system/ (right): chrome/browser/extensions/api/file_system/ task_runner_->PostTaskAndReply( Unless RunAsync() is invoked multiple times on the ...
5 months ago (2017-05-16 15:23:26 UTC) #15
Sébastien Marchand
Thanks, PTAnL. File chrome/browser/extensions/api/file_system/ (right): chrome/browser/extensions/api/file_system/ task_runner_->PostTaskAndReply( On 2017/05/16 15:23:26, fdoray wrote: > ...
5 months ago (2017-05-16 15:53:09 UTC) #20
lgtm Possible message for owner: With this CL, tasks posted from this file can run ...
5 months ago (2017-05-16 19:56:10 UTC) #26
Sébastien Marchand
Thanks, +benwells@, PTAL.
5 months ago (2017-05-16 20:02:17 UTC) #29
I think this is OK but would like to get a second opinion. +mtomasz: I ...
5 months ago (2017-05-17 01:03:52 UTC) #31
Sébastien Marchand
Thanks, waiting for mtomasz@'s review. File chrome/browser/extensions/api/file_system/ (right): chrome/browser/extensions/api/file_system/ &FileSystemChooseEntryFunction::ConfirmDirectoryAccessOnFileThread, On 2017/05/17 01:03:52, ...
5 months ago (2017-05-17 18:43:01 UTC) #36
Please fix the CL title as this CL fixes different function that the title says. ...
5 months ago (2017-05-18 03:35:32 UTC) #40
commit-bot: I haz the power
CQ is trying da patch. Follow status at:
5 months ago (2017-05-18 13:06:18 UTC) #44
commit-bot: I haz the power
5 months ago (2017-05-18 13:12:06 UTC) #47
Message was sent while issue was closed.
Committed patchset #4 (id:160001) as
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