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Issue 2636683003: Roll src/third_party/skia/ 6f1d36cc5..7a6c9f7be (25 commits). (Closed)

1 year, 3 months ago by skia-deps-roller
1 year, 3 months ago
chromium-reviews, jcgregorio
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Roll src/third_party/skia/ 6f1d36cc5..7a6c9f7be (25 commits). $ git log 6f1d36cc5..7a6c9f7be --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s' 2017-01-14 brianosman Revert "Add SkImageInfoValidConversion() and SkImageInfoIsValid" 2017-01-14 brianosman Revert "Enforce our rules about valid images when making textures" 2017-01-13 brianosman Enforce our rules about valid images when making textures 2017-01-14 reed savelayer gm 2017-01-14 reed Revert "Exercise concave analytic AA" 2017-01-14 liyuqian Exercise concave analytic AA 2017-01-13 reed Revert "move SkDevice.h and SkBitmapDevice.h contents in to src headers" 2017-01-13 reed move SkDevice.h and SkBitmapDevice.h contents in to src headers 2017-01-13 msarett Fix ASAN 2017-01-13 herb Fix syntax error for adjusting old stdc++ headers. 2017-01-13 mtklein Fix Android roll 2017-01-13 robertphillips Use GrRenderTargetContext::readPixels in GrTextureToYUVPlanes 2017-01-13 brianosman Remove (unused) YUV API from SkPixelRef 2017-01-13 mtklein SkSplicer: implement load_tables and matrix_3x4 2017-01-13 bungeman Decode system font weight correctly on Mac. 2017-01-13 mtklein Revert "Optimize SkBlend by using NEON intrinsics" 2017-01-13 jvanverth Move Android shadow rendering interface to util library. 2017-01-13 bsalomon Remove most modifiers of processors on GrPipelineBuilder 2017-01-05 ethannicholas Fixed another division by zero error in skslc 2017-01-13 msarett Fix out of bounds read in RP::load_tables_u16_be() 2017-01-13 deanm Simplify k.w calculation in getConicKLM. 2017-01-12 senorblanco Switch a bunch of tests to use DEF_SIMPLE_GM. 2017-01-13 msarett Add SkImageInfoValidConversion() and SkImageInfoIsValid 2017-01-13 herb Introduce SkArenaAlloc - should be fast for POD types and RAII for types with dtors. 2017-01-13 lsalzman simplify round_down_to_int by using ceil instead of floor Documentation for the AutoRoller is here: If the roll is causing failures, see: CQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=master.tryserver.blink:linux_trusty_blink_rel

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