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Issue 2265553002: Stub out Document::syncAnnotScan method. (Closed)

3 years ago by tonikitoo
3 years ago
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Stub out Document::syncAnnotScan method. The PDF specification [1] says: " syncAnnotScan guarantees that all annotations will be scanned by the time this method returns. (..) Normally a background task runs that examine every page and looks for annotations during idle times. " The statement details specifically how Acrobat implements this method. Although, neither the method itself nor the background scanner task are implemented in PDFium (as of today, Ago/2016), not having ::syncAnnotScan at least stubbed out can be considered harmfull since its absence makes JS acrobat scripts silently fail when it has a call to it. Given that, and following a stub-out pattern present in other methods including ::addAnnot and ::addField, CL provides a stubbed out implementation of Document::syncAnnotScan. [1] BUG=pdfium:492 Committed:

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