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Unified Diff: content/renderer/

Issue 2134493002: Update HistoryController::current_entry_ on all main frame back/forwards. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Fixes from review Created 4 years, 5 months ago
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Index: content/renderer/
diff --git a/content/renderer/ b/content/renderer/
index 8f1bc3462f72bd98e69822ffddff0db57b4e1350..5f0f28b4f6da89f25393c62075aa1db914f1b331 100644
--- a/content/renderer/
+++ b/content/renderer/
@@ -196,8 +196,29 @@ void HistoryController::UpdateForCommit(RenderFrameImpl* frame,
bool navigation_within_page) {
switch (commit_type) {
case blink::WebBackForwardCommit:
- if (!provisional_entry_)
+ if (!provisional_entry_) {
+ // The provisional entry may have been discarded due to a navigation in
+ // a different frame. For main frames, it is not safe to leave the
+ // current_entry_ in place, which may have a cross-site page and will be
+ // included in the PageState for this commit. Replace it with a new
+ // HistoryEntry corresponding to the commit.
+ //
+ // This will lack any subframe history items that were in the original
+ // provisional entry, but we don't know what those were after discarding
+ // it. We'll load the default URL in those subframes instead.
+ //
+ // TODO(creis): It's also possible to get here for subframe commits.
+ // We'll leave a stale current_entry_ in that case, but that only causes
+ // an earlier URL to load in the subframe when leaving and coming back,
+ // and only in rare cases. It does not risk a URL spoof, unlike the
+ // main frame case. Since this bug is not present in the new
+ // FrameNavigationEntry-based navigation path (
+ // we'll wait for that to fix the subframe case.
+ if (frame->IsMainFrame())
+ current_entry_.reset(new HistoryEntry(item));
+ }
// If the current entry is null, this must be a main frame commit.
DCHECK(current_entry_ || frame->IsMainFrame());
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