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Unified Diff: net/http/http_stream_factory.h

Issue 2093873002: Unwind fallback metrics and SSLFailureState. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Created 4 years, 6 months ago
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Index: net/http/http_stream_factory.h
diff --git a/net/http/http_stream_factory.h b/net/http/http_stream_factory.h
index e59bdacdf9cfc7ebbf6717d5f9e207739da52fc3..b3afa2ac17f186c05acee4c8c9c9049f89306d42 100644
--- a/net/http/http_stream_factory.h
+++ b/net/http/http_stream_factory.h
@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@
#include "net/base/request_priority.h"
#include "net/http/http_server_properties.h"
#include "net/socket/connection_attempts.h"
-#include "net/ssl/ssl_failure_state.h"
// This file can be included from net/http even though
// it is in net/websockets because it doesn't
// introduce any link dependency to net/websockets.
@@ -100,11 +99,9 @@ class NET_EXPORT_PRIVATE HttpStreamRequest {
// This is the failure to create a stream case.
// |used_ssl_config| indicates the actual SSL configuration used for this
// stream, since the HttpStreamRequest may have modified the configuration
- // during stream processing. If an SSL handshake failed, |ssl_failure_state|
- // is the state the SSLClientSocket was in.
+ // during stream processing.
virtual void OnStreamFailed(int status,
- const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
- SSLFailureState ssl_failure_state) = 0;
+ const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config) = 0;
// Called when we have a certificate error for the request.
// |used_ssl_config| indicates the actual SSL configuration used for this

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