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Unified Diff: grit/testdata/README.txt

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Index: grit/testdata/README.txt
--- grit/testdata/README.txt (revision 202)
+++ grit/testdata/README.txt (working copy)
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-Google Desktop for Enterprise
-Copyright (C) 2007 Google Inc.
-All Rights Reserved
-This distribution contains the following files:
-GoogleDesktopSetup.msi - Installation and setup program
-GoogleDesktop.adm - Group Policy administrative template file
-AdminGuide.pdf - Google Desktop for Enterprise administrative guide
-Full documentation and installation instructions are in the
-administrative guide, and also online at
-IBM Lotus Notes Plug-In
-The Lotus Notes plug-in is included in the release of Google
-Desktop for Enterprise. The IBM Lotus Notes Plug-in for Google
-Desktop indexes mail, calendar, task, contact and journal
-documents from Notes. Discussion documents including those from
-the discussion and team room templates can also be indexed by
-selecting an option from the preferences. Once indexed, this data
-will be returned in Google Desktop searches. The corresponding
-document can be opened in Lotus Notes from the Google Desktop
-results page.
-Install: The plug-in will install automatically during the Google
-Desktop setup process if Lotus Notes is already installed. Lotus
-Notes must not be running in order for the install to occur. The
-Class ID for this plug-in is {8F42BDFB-33E8-427B-AFDC-A04E046D3F07}.
-Preferences: Preferences and selection of databases to index are
-set in the 'Google Desktop for Notes' dialog reached through the
-'Actions' menu.
-Reindexing: Selecting 'Reindex all databases' will index all the
-documents in each database again.
-Notes Plug-in Known Issues
-If the 'Google Desktop for Notes' item is not available from the
-Lotus Notes Actions menu, then installation was not successful.
-Installation consists of writing one file, notesgdsplugin.dll, to
-the Notes application directory and a setting to the notes.ini
-configuration file. The most likely cause of an unsuccessful
-installation is that the installer was not able to locate the
-notes.ini file. Installation will complete if the user closes Notes
-and manually adds the following setting to this file on a new line:
-If the notesgdsplugin.dll file is not in the application directory
-(e.g., C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes) after Google Desktop
-installation, it is likely that Notes was not installed correctly.
-Only local databases can be indexed. If they can be determined,
-the user's local mail file and address book will be included in the
-list automatically. Mail archives and other databases must be
-added with the 'Add' button.
-Some users may experience performance issues during the initial
-indexing of a database. The 'Perform the initial index of a
-database only when I'm idle' option will limit the indexing process
-to times when the user is not using the machine. If this does not
-alleviate the problem or the user would like to continually index
-but just do so more slowly or quickly, the GoogleWaitTime notes.ini
-value can be set. Increasing the GoogleWaitTime value will slow
-down the indexing process, and lowering the value will speed it up.
-A value of zero causes the fastest possible indexing. Removing the
-ini parameter altogether returns it to the default (20).
-Crashes have been known to occur with certain types of history
-bookmarks. If the Notes client seems to crash randomly, try
-disabling the 'Index note history' option. If it crashes before,
-you can get to the preferences, add the following line to your
-notes.ini file:
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