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Issue 12084101: Merge 141226 (Closed)

7 years, 10 months ago by jamesr
7 years, 9 months ago
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Merge 141226 > Scrollbar and scroll corner composited layers positioned incorrectly > > > Patch by James Robinson <>; on 2013-01-29 > Reviewed by Simon Fraser. > > ScrollView::updateScrollbars() needs to update the overflow controls composited layers if scrollbars are added > or removed. It was doing this by recording on entry to the function if it had horizontal or vertical scrollbars > and then comparing that to m_horizontal/verticalScrollbar on exit. Unfortunately updateScrollbars is recursive > and exits without running the postamble code when nested on the callstack. As a result, scrollbars may be > added or removed several times during the recursion, possibly leaving the overflow control layers in an > inconsistent state, while ending up with the same set of scrollbars. > > This changes the "has anything changed" logic to only compare local state (hasXXXScrollbar vs > newHasXXXScrollbar) so changes in recursive calls are not considered. > > * platform/ScrollView.cpp: > (WebCore::ScrollView::updateScrollbars): BUG=170264 Committed:

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On 2013/02/01 01:02:55, jamesr wrote:

I am having the same issue.  Here is a page that has the exact same issue.  For
what it's worth, if you hide anything below the description-box-clear element,
it shows fine. I am
willing to help out if you need it in changing the code on the website side -
might help your troubleshooting on a third-party website???

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