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Unified Diff: content/browser/renderer_host/media/video_capture_controller.h

Issue 91343002: Added supported formats caching to VideoCaptureManager. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Mad formatting corrected in certain files. Created 7 years ago
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Index: content/browser/renderer_host/media/video_capture_controller.h
diff --git a/content/browser/renderer_host/media/video_capture_controller.h b/content/browser/renderer_host/media/video_capture_controller.h
index badab3b9b5ec17a1c6c875dc14e1cdb71831b5d2..8658cdeb27805db86e83ed4ed9459df51702ed0b 100644
--- a/content/browser/renderer_host/media/video_capture_controller.h
+++ b/content/browser/renderer_host/media/video_capture_controller.h
@@ -104,6 +104,8 @@ class CONTENT_EXPORT VideoCaptureController {
VideoCaptureControllerEventHandler* event_handler,
int buffer_id);
+ const media::VideoCaptureFormat& GetVideoCaptureFormat() const;
class VideoCaptureDeviceClient;
@@ -141,6 +143,8 @@ class CONTENT_EXPORT VideoCaptureController {
// state which stops the flow of data to clients.
VideoCaptureState state_;
+ media::VideoCaptureFormat video_capture_format_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<VideoCaptureController> weak_ptr_factory_;

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