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Unified Diff: net/base/x509_certificate.h

Issue 7795014: Mark DigiNotar as untrusted (Closed) Base URL: svn://
Patch Set: Created 9 years, 4 months ago
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Index: net/base/x509_certificate.h
diff --git a/net/base/x509_certificate.h b/net/base/x509_certificate.h
index 4c8dd01a99e7cb5dd6da227f5fd51b7f1f13f176..abc66fa119c553e47d3600037f00600e16a3330f 100644
--- a/net/base/x509_certificate.h
+++ b/net/base/x509_certificate.h
@@ -428,6 +428,11 @@ class NET_EXPORT X509Certificate
// IsBlacklisted returns true if this certificate is explicitly blacklisted.
bool IsBlacklisted() const;
+ // IsPublicKeyBlacklisted returns true iff one of |public_key_hashes| (which
+ // are SHA1 hashes of a SubjectPublicKeyInfo structure) is explicitly blocked.
wtc 2011/08/30 00:02:44 Nit: a SubjectPublicKeyInfo structure => SubjectPu
agl 2011/08/30 00:13:48 Done.
+ static bool IsPublicKeyBlacklisted(
+ const std::vector<SHA1Fingerprint>& public_key_hashes);
// IsSHA1HashInSortedArray returns true iff |hash| is in |array|, a sorted
// array of SHA1 hashes.
static bool IsSHA1HashInSortedArray(const SHA1Fingerprint& hash,

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