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Unified Diff: chrome/browser/extensions/extension_offscreen_tabs_module_constants.h

Issue 7720002: Chrome Extensions chrome.experimental.offscreenTabs.* API implementation, docs, and test. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: '' Created 9 years, 3 months ago
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Index: chrome/browser/extensions/extension_offscreen_tabs_module_constants.h
--- chrome/browser/extensions/extension_offscreen_tabs_module_constants.h (revision 0)
+++ chrome/browser/extensions/extension_offscreen_tabs_module_constants.h (revision 0)
@@ -0,0 +1,83 @@
+// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
+// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
+// found in the LICENSE file.
+// Constants used for the Tabs API and the Windows API.
+#pragma once
+namespace extension_offscreen_tabs_module_constants {
+// TODO(alexbost): Some of these should be refactored
+// offscreen tab keys
+extern const char kIdKey[];
+extern const char kUrlKey[];
+extern const char kWidthKey[];
+extern const char kHeightKey[];
+// toDataUrl keys
+extern const char kFormatKey[];
+extern const char kQualityKey[];
+// mouse keys
+extern const char kMouseEventTypeKey[];
+extern const char kMouseEventButtonKey[];
+extern const char kMouseEventWheelDeltaXKey[];
+extern const char kMouseEventWheelDeltaYKey[];
+extern const char kMouseEventAltKeyKey[];
+extern const char kMouseEventCtrlKeyKey[];
+extern const char kMouseEventMetaKeyKey[];
+extern const char kMouseEventShiftKeyKey[];
+// toDataUrl values
+extern const char kFormatValueJpeg[];
+extern const char kFormatValuePng[];
+extern const char kMimeTypeJpeg[];
+extern const char kMimeTypePng[];
+// mouse values
+extern const char kMouseEventTypeValueMousedown[];
+extern const char kMouseEventTypeValueMouseup[];
+extern const char kMouseEventTypeValueClick[];
+extern const char kMouseEventTypeValueMousemove[];
+extern const char kMouseEventTypeValueMousewheel[];
+extern const int kMouseEventButtonValueLeft;
+extern const int kMouseEventButtonValueMiddle;
+extern const int kMouseEventButtonValueRight;
+// keyboard keys
+extern const char kKeyboardEventTypeKey[];
+extern const char kKeyboardEventCharCodeKey[];
+extern const char kKeyboardEventKeyCodeKey[];
+extern const char kKeyboardEventAltKeyKey[];
+extern const char kKeyboardEventCtrlKeyKey[];
+extern const char kKeyboardEventShiftKeyKey[];
+// keyboard values
+extern const char kKeyboardEventTypeValueKeypress[];
+extern const char kKeyboardEventTypeValueKeydown[];
+extern const char kKeyboardEventTypeValueKeyup[];
+// events
+extern const char kDispatchEvent[];
+extern const char kEventOnUpdated[];
+// errors
+extern const char kCurrentTabNotFound[];
+extern const char kInternalVisibleTabCaptureError[];
+extern const char kInvalidKeyboardEventObjectError[];
+extern const char kInvalidMouseEventObjectError[];
+extern const char kInvalidUrlError[];
+extern const char kNoCrashBrowserError[];
+extern const char kNoCurrentWindowError[];
+extern const char kNoMouseCoordinatesError[];
+extern const char kOffscreenTabNotFoundError[];
+extern const char kTabNotFoundError[];
+}; // namespace extension_offscreen_tabs_module_constants
Property changes on: chrome/browser/extensions/extension_offscreen_tabs_module_constants.h
Added: svn:eol-style
+ LF

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