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Unified Diff: src/flag-definitions.h

Issue 70013002: Support for the Linux 'perf report' and 'perf annotate' tools. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Remove forgotten printfs. Created 7 years, 1 month ago
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Index: src/flag-definitions.h
diff --git a/src/flag-definitions.h b/src/flag-definitions.h
index f0444d1f26a823296c265caf858bd54811a4c3ad..9c8aea4e5cd91d3278f6582582baa7725b46c7ff 100644
--- a/src/flag-definitions.h
+++ b/src/flag-definitions.h
@@ -787,6 +787,9 @@ DEFINE_bool(log_regexp, false, "Log regular expression execution.")
DEFINE_string(logfile, "v8.log", "Specify the name of the log file.")
DEFINE_bool(logfile_per_isolate, true, "Separate log files for each isolate.")
DEFINE_bool(ll_prof, false, "Enable low-level linux profiler.")
+DEFINE_bool(perf_basic_prof, false, "Enable perf linux profiler (basic support).")
danno 2013/11/13 17:18:10 nit: 80 col (tools/presubmit should have pointed t
+DEFINE_bool(perf_jit_prof, false, "Enable perf linux profiler "
danno 2013/11/13 17:18:10 How about call this one perf_annotate_support?
+ "(experimental annotate support).")
danno 2013/11/13 17:18:10 You probably want to make sure that these flags im
DEFINE_string(gc_fake_mmap, "/tmp/__v8_gc__",
"Specify the name of the file for fake gc mmap used in ll_prof")
DEFINE_bool(log_internal_timer_events, false, "Time internal events.")
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