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Issue 6813007: Fix build regression in commit 18fae96 (Closed)

9 years, 8 months ago by Roland McGrath
9 years, 7 months ago
CC:, mseaborn - please use other
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Fix build regression in commit 18fae96 Commit 18fae96 broke the build with a GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES configure complaint because it introduced a linking test, which is not allowed. This redoes that change so it does not overload the native Linux version and take in its linking test. The test in question is to determine whether default linking is behaving as under --enable-new-dtags. The answer is no with our binutils. BUG= TEST='make build-with-newlib' now works, Committed:;a=commit;h=058ec16

Patch Set 1 #

Unified diffs Side-by-side diffs Delta from patch set Stats (+64 lines, -25 lines) Patch
M libstdc++-v3/configure View 14 chunks +47 lines, -21 lines 0 comments Download
M libtool.m4 View 2 chunks +17 lines, -4 lines 0 comments Download


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Roland McGrath
9 years, 8 months ago (2011-04-07 00:59:35 UTC) #1
On 2011/04/07 00:59:35, Roland McGrath wrote: LGTM. I checked that both glibc and newlib (make ...
9 years, 8 months ago (2011-04-07 08:09:03 UTC) #2
pasko-google - do not use
Roland, Your change looks cleaner to me than Andrey's. However, I want to understand why ...
9 years, 8 months ago (2011-04-07 11:51:17 UTC) #3
My investigation showed that glibc compiles if just library_names_spec and soname_spec are set. So other ...
9 years, 8 months ago (2011-04-07 12:34:14 UTC) #4
Use instead
libtool.m4 is used for building libstdc++, not glibc. The other settings are accurate for our ...
9 years, 8 months ago (2011-04-07 17:00:09 UTC) #5
Use instead
In fact, libtool.m4 is also used for building libgcc, which is where we had the ...
9 years, 8 months ago (2011-04-07 17:30:42 UTC) #6
Roland McGrath
BTW, I got my local build problem worked out. Somehow I had local tools/BUILD/stamp-nacl{64,}-binutils but ...
9 years, 8 months ago (2011-04-07 17:48:41 UTC) #7
9 years, 8 months ago (2011-04-07 19:45:57 UTC) #8
Actually I like this change (it's closer to upstream way of doing things), I
just don't like the description: it's cleanup change, not build-fixing change.

As for shlibpath_var, shlibpath_overrides_runpath and hardcode_into_libs...
We'll want to revisit this part when we'll have at least some understanding
about how GLibC will work in browser. For now we can use Linux values - they
reflect our current state of GLibC. When and if we'll change the GLibC we'll
review this part again.

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