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Unified Diff: skia/ext/skia_utils_mac.h

Issue 6117006: Mac: Explicitly set the colorspace on SkBitmap -> CGImageRef conversions. (Closed) Base URL: svn://
Patch Set: '' Created 9 years, 11 months ago
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Index: skia/ext/skia_utils_mac.h
diff --git a/skia/ext/skia_utils_mac.h b/skia/ext/skia_utils_mac.h
index 9a1636ecef1f5919c07aff38870ad84cdf097780..d4936bec49cd182a9d24fb790b63fe78da9e21e4 100644
--- a/skia/ext/skia_utils_mac.h
+++ b/skia/ext/skia_utils_mac.h
@@ -64,9 +64,14 @@ SkBitmap CGImageToSkBitmap(CGImageRef image);
// Draws an NSImage with a given size into a SkBitmap.
SkBitmap NSImageToSkBitmap(NSImage* image, NSSize size, bool is_opaque);
-// Given an SkBitmap, return an autoreleased NSImage.
+// Given an SkBitmap, return an autoreleased NSImage in the generic color space.
+// DEPRECATED, use SkBitmapToNSImageWithColorSpace() instead.
viettrungluu 2011/01/12 19:02:11 If it's deprecated, you should file a bug (to remo
NSImage* SkBitmapToNSImage(const SkBitmap& icon);
+// Given an SkBitmap and a color space, return an autoreleased NSImage.
+NSImage* SkBitmapToNSImageWithColorSpace(const SkBitmap& icon,
+ CGColorSpaceRef colorSpace);
// Returns |[NSImage imageNamed:@"NSApplicationIcon"]| as SkBitmap.
SkBitmap AppplicationIconAtSize(int size);

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