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Unified Diff: fpdfsdk/include/fsdk_mgr.h

Issue 594403003: Lock page in LoadFXAnnot to prevent unintended page closing (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Created 6 years, 3 months ago
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Index: fpdfsdk/include/fsdk_mgr.h
diff --git a/fpdfsdk/include/fsdk_mgr.h b/fpdfsdk/include/fsdk_mgr.h
index 95d1a79352ec7f33d87bf40d868a8caddb9e3aec..891191aacd722ac82637d9ff9b204eb36965d288 100644
--- a/fpdfsdk/include/fsdk_mgr.h
+++ b/fpdfsdk/include/fsdk_mgr.h
@@ -460,15 +460,12 @@ private:
CPDF_OCContext * m_pOccontent;
FX_BOOL m_bChangeMask;
CPDFSDK_PageView(CPDFSDK_Document* pSDKDoc,CPDF_Page* page);
void PageView_OnDraw(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice, CPDF_Matrix* pUser2Device,CPDF_RenderOptions* pOptions) ;
CPDF_Annot* GetPDFAnnotAtPoint(FX_FLOAT pageX, FX_FLOAT pageY);
CPDFSDK_Annot* GetFXAnnotAtPoint(FX_FLOAT pageX, FX_FLOAT pageY);
CPDF_Annot* GetPDFWidgetAtPoint(FX_FLOAT pageX, FX_FLOAT pageY);
@@ -489,7 +486,6 @@ public:
CPDF_Page* GetPDFPage(){return m_page;}
CPDF_Document* GetPDFDocument();
CPDFSDK_Document* GetSDKDocument() {return m_pSDKDoc;}
FX_BOOL OnLButtonDown(const CPDF_Point & point, FX_UINT nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnLButtonUp(const CPDF_Point & point, FX_UINT nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnChar(int nChar, FX_UINT nFlag);
@@ -499,39 +495,35 @@ public:
FX_BOOL OnMouseMove(const CPDF_Point & point, int nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnMouseWheel(double deltaX, double deltaY,const CPDF_Point& point, int nFlag);
FX_BOOL IsValidAnnot(FX_LPVOID p);
void GetCurrentMatrix(CPDF_Matrix& matrix) {matrix = m_curMatrix;}
void UpdateRects(CFX_RectArray& rects);
void UpdateView(CPDFSDK_Annot* pAnnot);
CFX_PtrArray* GetAnnotList(){ return &m_fxAnnotArray; }
int GetPageIndex();
void LoadFXAnnots();
- CPDF_Matrix m_curMatrix;
+ void SetValid(FX_BOOL bValid) {m_bValid = bValid;}
+ FX_BOOL IsValid() {return m_bValid;}
+ void SetLock(FX_BOOL bLocked) {m_bLocked= bLocked;}
+ FX_BOOL IsLocked() {return m_bLocked;}
+ void TakeOverPage() {m_bTakeOverPage = TRUE;}
void PageView_OnHighlightFormFields(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice, CPDFSDK_Widget* pWidget);
Tom Sepez 2014/09/24 17:07:05 Super-nit: line contains only whitespace (git cl p
+ CPDF_Matrix m_curMatrix;
CPDF_Page* m_page;
CPDF_AnnotList* m_pAnnotList;
//CPDFSDK_Annot* m_pFocusAnnot;
CFX_PtrArray m_fxAnnotArray;
CPDFSDK_Document* m_pSDKDoc;
CPDFSDK_Widget* m_CaptureWidget;
FX_BOOL m_bEnterWidget;
FX_BOOL m_bExitWidget;
FX_BOOL m_bOnWidget;
- void SetValid(FX_BOOL bValid) {m_bValid = bValid;}
- FX_BOOL IsValid() {return m_bValid;}
FX_BOOL m_bValid;
+ FX_BOOL m_bLocked;
+ FX_BOOL m_bTakeOverPage;
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