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Unified Diff: src/flag-definitions.h

Issue 426233002: Land the Fan (disabled) (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Review feedback, rebase and "git cl format" Created 6 years, 5 months ago
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Index: src/flag-definitions.h
diff --git a/src/flag-definitions.h b/src/flag-definitions.h
index 3fc16fbef392c220a762c873bfa074c9056336ae..5ee23ab619ef7910774f6d0bc616a4aa7a484275 100644
--- a/src/flag-definitions.h
+++ b/src/flag-definitions.h
@@ -333,6 +333,20 @@ DEFINE_BOOL(omit_map_checks_for_leaf_maps, true,
"do not emit check maps for constant values that have a leaf map, "
"deoptimize the optimized code if the layout of the maps changes.")
+// Flags for TurboFan.
+DEFINE_STRING(turbo_filter, "~", "optimization filter for TurboFan compiler")
+DEFINE_BOOL(trace_turbo, false, "trace generated TurboFan IR")
+DEFINE_BOOL(trace_turbo_types, true, "trace generated TurboFan types")
+DEFINE_BOOL(trace_turbo_scheduler, false, "trace generated TurboFan scheduler")
+DEFINE_BOOL(turbo_verify, false, "verify TurboFan graphs at each phase")
+DEFINE_BOOL(turbo_stats, false, "print TurboFan statistics")
+DEFINE_BOOL(turbo_types, false, "use typed lowering in TurboFan")
+DEFINE_BOOL(turbo_source_positions, false,
+ "track source code positions when building TurboFan IR")
+DEFINE_BOOL(context_specialization, true,
+ "enable context specialization in TurboFan")
+DEFINE_BOOL(turbo_deoptimization, false, "enable deoptimization in TurboFan")
DEFINE_INT(typed_array_max_size_in_heap, 64,
"threshold for in-heap typed array")
@@ -727,6 +741,10 @@ DEFINE_BOOL(verify_native_context_separation, false,
DEFINE_BOOL(print_handles, false, "report handles after GC")
DEFINE_BOOL(print_global_handles, false, "report global handles after GC")
+// TurboFan debug-only flags.
+DEFINE_BOOL(print_turbo_replay, false,
+ "print C++ code to recreate TurboFan graphs")
DEFINE_BOOL(print_interfaces, false, "print interfaces")
DEFINE_BOOL(print_interface_details, false, "print interface inference details")
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