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Issue 4198004: Fix a bug that <input type=file multiple> doesn't accept many files.... (Closed)

10 years, 1 month ago by tkent
9 years, 7 months ago


Fix a bug that <input type=file multiple> doesn't accept many files. The old code restricted the total characters of selected files to MAX_PATH (256). It is insufficient for multiple files. The new code uses UNICODE_STRING_MAX_CHARS (32767), which is the maximum string length of Win32 API. Firefox uses 4096. BUG=44068 TEST=No automated test because it's very hard to test the behavior of Windows' file open dialog. Manual test: Make two files on a local disk. The length of their names should be 200 characters. Visit a page with <input type=file multiple>, click the file upload control, and select these two files. The file upload control should show "2 files". Committed:

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10 years, 1 month ago (2010-10-27 06:23:25 UTC) #1
Zachary Kuznia
10 years, 1 month ago (2010-10-27 07:12:01 UTC) #2
Matt Perry
10 years, 1 month ago (2010-10-27 18:19:24 UTC) #3

FYI, TEST= is in fact a description of a manual test, for QA to verify, not to
describe unit tests.

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