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Unified Diff: third_party/libevent/kqueue.c

Issue 412006: posix: upgrade libevent from 1.4.7 to 1.4.13 (Closed)
Patch Set: better readme Created 11 years, 1 month ago
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Index: third_party/libevent/kqueue.c
diff --git a/third_party/libevent/kqueue.c b/third_party/libevent/kqueue.c
index 36eebe5fc6e01b2d48576cb93bffa09fb7415b8b..556b73c0a9ca9f1ef92e10e1ac197a455df47e5f 100644
--- a/third_party/libevent/kqueue.c
+++ b/third_party/libevent/kqueue.c
@@ -30,11 +30,13 @@
#include "config.h"
+#define _GNU_SOURCE 1
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
-#include <sys/_time.h>
+#include <sys/_libevent_time.h>
#include <sys/queue.h>
#include <sys/event.h>
@@ -61,7 +63,6 @@
#include "event.h"
#include "event-internal.h"
#include "log.h"
-#include "event-internal.h"
#define EVLIST_X_KQINKERNEL 0x1000
@@ -101,7 +102,7 @@ kq_init(struct event_base *base)
struct kqop *kqueueop;
/* Disable kqueue when this environment variable is set */
- if (getenv("EVENT_NOKQUEUE"))
+ if (evutil_getenv("EVENT_NOKQUEUE"))
return (NULL);
if (!(kqueueop = calloc(1, sizeof(struct kqop))))

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