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Unified Diff: README.chromium

Issue 3141038: rootdev: fix -d, add -c and -r. ifdefs for so use (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: integrated feedback; added functional tests Created 10 years, 4 months ago
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Index: README.chromium
diff --git a/README.chromium b/README.chromium
index 5ed10c84436a5e745d33f1ba5c960dbc617130d4..6e4e90389c2399eb3f51006dae0e3b25226457b8 100644
--- a/README.chromium
+++ b/README.chromium
@@ -1,16 +1,15 @@
-URL: git://
-Version: commit 717db2c8177203fe242ea35b31bc312abe9aa3c9
-License: GPL v2
-License File: files/COPYING
-Description: Prints the current rootfs device.
-Local Modification:
-- Removed every bit of upstream code except the part that determines the
- rootfs device.
-- Added better error messages.
+Chromium OS version of rootdev
+Inspired by git:// / 717db2c8177203fe242ea35b31bc312abe9aa3c9
+Description: Performs operations to discover and annotate the root block device
+Prior to this commit, rootdev was derived from the above link. However, it has
+been rewritten in its entirety and licensed as per LICENSE.
+- Provides core functionality in a library: librootdev
+- Walks sysfs to discover the block devices
+- Supports resolving through to /sys/block/XXX/slaves/*/dev devices
+- Will test and, optionally, symlink to the /dev entry for standard devices.
+- Is testable.
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