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Unified Diff: chrome/common/pref_names.h

Issue 312023002: Sync starting language and input method preferences (Closed) Base URL: svn://
Patch Set: Changes in progress, probably broken... Created 6 years, 6 months ago
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Index: chrome/common/pref_names.h
diff --git a/chrome/common/pref_names.h b/chrome/common/pref_names.h
index 572f4954bdd2021b296e403f2ee5baaa5abc20bb..2b9a6f8497ee38849fdc5dfa5fbad9356d82604a 100644
--- a/chrome/common/pref_names.h
+++ b/chrome/common/pref_names.h
@@ -206,8 +206,12 @@ extern const char kLanguagePreviousInputMethod[];
extern const char kLanguageHotkeyNextEngineInMenu[];
extern const char kLanguageHotkeyPreviousEngine[];
extern const char kLanguagePreferredLanguages[];
+extern const char kLanguagePreferredLanguagesSyncable[];
extern const char kLanguagePreloadEngines[];
+extern const char kLanguagePreloadEnginesSyncable[];
extern const char kLanguageEnabledExtensionImes[];
+extern const char kLanguageEnabledExtensionImesSyncable[];
+extern const char kLanguageShouldMergeInputMethods[];
extern const char kLanguageRemapCapsLockKeyTo[];
extern const char kLanguageRemapSearchKeyTo[];
extern const char kLanguageRemapControlKeyTo[];

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