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Unified Diff: tools/metrics/histograms/enums.xml

Issue 2948893004: Add new flag for experimental app banners. (Closed)
Patch Set: Rebase Created 3 years, 6 months ago
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Index: tools/metrics/histograms/enums.xml
diff --git a/tools/metrics/histograms/enums.xml b/tools/metrics/histograms/enums.xml
index 9265cc9706ef270bac4782d534ada61e959e18d0..db94cfc1d791e0c8e33c5c88f443a34017222a13 100644
--- a/tools/metrics/histograms/enums.xml
+++ b/tools/metrics/histograms/enums.xml
@@ -22791,6 +22791,7 @@ from previous Chrome versions.
<int value="477967119" label="enable-unified-media-pipeline"/>
<int value="479906041" label="RunAllFlashInAllowMode:disabled"/>
<int value="480544447" label="NonValidatingReloadOnRefreshContentV2:enabled"/>
+ <int value="492113129" label="ExperimentalAppBanners:enabled"/>
<int value="493903641" label="disable-appcontainer"/>
<int value="494733611" label="disable-drop-sync-credential"/>
<int value="503245473" label="disable-translate-new-ux"/>
@@ -23119,6 +23120,7 @@ from previous Chrome versions.
<int value="1612974229" label="allow-insecure-localhost"/>
<int value="1617187093" label="enable-improved-a2hs"/>
<int value="1622131033" label="ozone-test-single-overlay-support"/>
+ <int value="1626824478" label="ExperimentalAppBanners:disabled"/>
<int value="1633456034" label="chrome-home-swipe-logic"/>
<int value="1634897915" label="password-import-export:enabled"/>
<int value="1636962093" label="disable-material-design-ntp"/>
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