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Unified Diff: url/

Issue 2895953002: Update dangling markup mitigations. (Closed)
Patch Set: Test. Created 3 years, 7 months ago
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Index: url/
diff --git a/url/ b/url/
index 2ee61db24b7dfd642b66eb5e230b264d0a138b82..659aca7fe8c13a87583c848edad7ed7568e5fc42 100644
--- a/url/
+++ b/url/
@@ -443,11 +443,11 @@ bool DoResolveRelativeURL(const char* base_url,
Parsed* out_parsed) {
// |base_parsed| is the starting point for our output. Since we may have
// removed whitespace from |relative_url| before entering this method, we'll
- // carry over the |whitespace_removed| flag.
- bool whitespace_removed = out_parsed->whitespace_removed;
+ // carry over the |potentially_dangling_markup| flag.
+ bool potentially_dangling_markup = out_parsed->potentially_dangling_markup;
*out_parsed = base_parsed;
- if (whitespace_removed)
- out_parsed->whitespace_removed = true;
+ if (potentially_dangling_markup)
+ out_parsed->potentially_dangling_markup = true;
// Sanity check: the input should have a host or we'll break badly below.
// We can only resolve relative URLs with base URLs that have hosts and

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