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Unified Diff: services/ui/ws/window_tree.h

Issue 2829733002: mus: Changes SetDisplayRoot() to create actual display (Closed)
Patch Set: screenmanagerforwarding only ozone Created 3 years, 8 months ago
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Index: services/ui/ws/window_tree.h
diff --git a/services/ui/ws/window_tree.h b/services/ui/ws/window_tree.h
index fd7da3ac691e69524794a867975056dc73ad6f0d..fab47422beeca82eec726d45d39b2fc263f5464d 100644
--- a/services/ui/ws/window_tree.h
+++ b/services/ui/ws/window_tree.h
@@ -383,9 +383,13 @@ class WindowTree : public mojom::WindowTree,
// waiting for the last move to be acknowledged.
void OnWmMoveDragImageAck();
- // Called from SetDisplayRoot(), see mojom for details.
- bool ProcessSetDisplayRoot(int64_t display_id,
- const ClientWindowId& client_window_id);
+ // Called from SetDisplayRoot(), see mojom for details. Returns the root
+ // of the display if successful, otherwise null.
+ ServerWindow* ProcessSetDisplayRoot(
+ const display::Display& display_to_create,
+ const mojom::WmViewportMetrics& transport_viewport_metrics,
+ bool is_primary_display,
+ const ClientWindowId& client_window_id);
// WindowTree:
void NewWindow(uint32_t change_id,
@@ -496,7 +500,9 @@ class WindowTree : public mojom::WindowTree,
void RemoveActivationParent(Id transport_window_id) override;
void ActivateNextWindow() override;
void SetExtendedHitArea(Id window_id, const gfx::Insets& hit_area) override;
- void SetDisplayRoot(int64_t display_id,
+ void SetDisplayRoot(const display::Display& display,
+ const mojom::WmViewportMetricsPtr viewport_metrics,
+ bool is_primary_display,
Id window_id,
const SetDisplayRootCallback& callback) override;
void WmResponse(uint32_t change_id, bool response) override;

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