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Issue 2602613002: PNaCl: Update subzero revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS (Closed)

3 years, 7 months ago by Jim Stichnoth
3 years, 7 months ago
Derek Schuff, John
CC:,, jaydeep.patil, Stefan Maksimovic, sagar.thakur
Target Ref:


PNaCl: Update subzero revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS This pulls in the following Subzero changes: ec92917: ( [SubZero] Legalize load, store for MIPS post lower 4683237: ( [Subzero][MIPS32] Fix alloca alignment and offset for Om1 and O2 optimization 45e4d5e: ( [SubZero] Handle relocatable constants for MIPS 3a01f33: ( [SubZero] Implement Fcmp, ICmp, Cast and Select for vector type f52cea4: ( Fix unpacking from a single vector. 7638e27: ( Add x86 vector packing instructions. 0e90622: ( Generate error on unexpected intrisics. 89be887: ( [Subzero][MIPS32] Account for variable alloca alignment bytes in addProlog 1448d95: ( Optimize shuffles corresponding to x86 punpckh instructions. 7145e69: ( Subzero: Fix compiler warnings. 32f9cce: ( Fix 64-bit pointer type for non-x32 ABIs. ef8210d: ( Implement vector packing intrinsics. 8b8af82: ( Implement bitcast between i32 and (emulated) v4i8. e3cabda: ( Implement vector sign mask intrinsic. d0e3030: ( Assert that PNaCl bitcode only uses 128-bit vector casts. c9e91af: ( Remove verified asserts. 61593fb: ( Fix unit tests. a3688ea: ( Fix two-vector unpack case. a7979bf: ( [SubZero] Fix f64 to/from i64 moves 0dabe18: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Remove --skip-unimplemented from lit tests 130aca7: ( [SubZero] Generate relocations for MIPS 73ae4fd: ( Preserve rsi and rdi when using Microsoft x86-64 calling convention. 7ad028e: ( This patch enables running a couple more of lit tests for MIPS32 956cfd6: ( Generalize the Sqrt intrinsic to process vectors. 13cde0f: ( Implement integer vector multiply intrinsics. 67a49b5: ( Implement saturated vector add/subtract. 0c4c07d: ( [SubZero] Fix code generation for vector type f8c9977: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Stacksave/Stackrestore implementation f0d12c3: ( Implement floating-point rounding intrinsic. 3da9f65: ( [SubZero] Generate MIPS.abiflags section 21f78bb: ( [SubZero] Utilize instructions with immediate operands 83425de: ( Support 64-bit jump tables with LP64 data model. 6e03343: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Sandbox initial patch becb85f: ( [Subzero][MIPS] Implements atomic intrinsics for MIPS32 8208e75: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Changes for improving sandbox crosstest results 2220990: ( Fix offset adjustment in x86 address optimization. ef18fc5: ( Match sub-vector load/store operand order to regular load/store. 8be6975: ( [SubZero] Fix size of arguments on stack e1e1783: ( Fix skipping deleted instructions before replacing operands. a29da90: ( Ensure that the sub-vector load destination is a register. 579b1b3: ( Generalize vector shuffling to accept any operand. 373913f: ( Subzero: Legalize the movzx argument. 35bbca3: ( Subzero: Fix multiply defined symbols in Windows/g++ build. BUG=swiftshader:24 BUG=swiftshader:9 BUG=swiftshader:22 BUG= BUG=swiftshader:15 TEST= PNaCl toolchain trybots Committed:

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Jim Stichnoth
The Linux trybots aren't working because of a goma issue. However, the Windows/g++ build succeeds, ...
3 years, 7 months ago (2016-12-24 14:33:54 UTC) #3
Derek Schuff
On 2016/12/24 14:33:54, Jim Stichnoth wrote: > The Linux trybots aren't working because of a ...
3 years, 7 months ago (2017-01-03 19:21:39 UTC) #4
Derek Schuff
On 2017/01/03 19:21:39, Derek Schuff wrote: > On 2016/12/24 14:33:54, Jim Stichnoth wrote: > > ...
3 years, 7 months ago (2017-01-03 19:22:48 UTC) #5
Jim Stichnoth
3 years, 7 months ago (2017-01-04 07:04:45 UTC) #7
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Committed patchset #1 (id:1) manually as
01d3ae00d277726b8aaee572120a5ba2a31d511e (presubmit successful).

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