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Unified Diff: ios/chrome/app/main_controller_private.h

Issue 2580363002: Upstream Chrome on iOS source code [1/11]. (Closed)
Patch Set: Created 4 years ago
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Index: ios/chrome/app/main_controller_private.h
diff --git a/ios/chrome/app/main_controller_private.h b/ios/chrome/app/main_controller_private.h
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000..a97856cee0a7927c17a876f3c1a40d55cabc1936
--- /dev/null
+++ b/ios/chrome/app/main_controller_private.h
@@ -0,0 +1,80 @@
+// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
+// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
+// found in the LICENSE file.
+#import "base/ios/block_types.h"
+#include "components/browsing_data/core/browsing_data_utils.h"
+#import "ios/chrome/app/application_delegate/browser_launcher.h"
+#import "ios/chrome/app/main_controller.h"
+@class BrowserViewController;
+@class DeviceSharingManager;
+class GURL;
+@class SettingsNavigationController;
+@class SigninInteractionController;
+@class TabModel;
+@protocol TabSwitcher;
+namespace ios {
+class ChromeBrowserState;
+// Private methods and protocols that are made visible here for tests.
+@interface MainController ()
+// YES if the last time the app was launched was with a previous version.
+@property(nonatomic, readonly) BOOL isFirstLaunchAfterUpgrade;
+// Presents a promo's navigation controller.
+- (void)showPromo:(UIViewController*)promo;
+// Removes browsing data from |browserState| for datatypes in |mask|.
+// |browserState| cannot be null and must not be off the record.
+// |completionHandler| is called when this operation finishes.
+- (void)removeBrowsingDataFromBrowserState:
+ (ios::ChromeBrowserState*)browserState
+ mask:(int)mask
+ timePeriod:(browsing_data::TimePeriod)timePeriod
+ completionHandler:(ProceduralBlock)completionHandler;
+// Dismisses all modal dialogs then call |completion|.
+- (void)dismissModalDialogsWithCompletion:(ProceduralBlock)completion;
+// Methods that only exist for tests.
+@interface MainController (TestingOnly)
+@property(nonatomic, readonly) DeviceSharingManager* deviceSharingManager;
+@property(nonatomic, retain)
+ UIViewController<TabSwitcher>* tabSwitcherController;
+@property(nonatomic, readonly)
+ SettingsNavigationController* settingsNavigationController;
+@property(nonatomic, readonly)
+ SigninInteractionController* signinInteractionController;
+// The top presented view controller that is not currently being dismissed.
+@property(nonatomic, readonly) UIViewController* topPresentedViewController;
+// Tab switcher state.
+@property(nonatomic, getter=isTabSwitcherActive) BOOL tabSwitcherActive;
+@property(nonatomic, readonly) BOOL dismissingTabSwitcher;
+// Sets up MainController for testing; clears history, closes all tabs and
+// switches to the main BVC. |completionHandler| is called when MainController
+// is completely set up for testing.
+- (void)setUpForTestingWithCompletionHandler:(ProceduralBlock)completionHandler;
+// Sets the internal startup state to indicate that the launch was triggered
+// by an external app opening the given URL.
+- (void)setStartupParametersWithURL:(const GURL&)launchURL;
+// Sets the internal state to indicate that the app has been foregrounded.
+- (void)setUpAsForegrounded;
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