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Unified Diff: third_party/WebKit/Source/core/editing/CaretBase.cpp

Issue 2520873002: [css-ui] Add support for caret-color property (Closed)
Patch Set: Fix tests that were listing all the CSS properties Created 4 years, 1 month ago
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Index: third_party/WebKit/Source/core/editing/CaretBase.cpp
diff --git a/third_party/WebKit/Source/core/editing/CaretBase.cpp b/third_party/WebKit/Source/core/editing/CaretBase.cpp
index 5c3a08f66b8bc040c54f5b1428522a40a87f905d..07e9ed7ed1df99b069ee9a4c4d4110394684be87 100644
--- a/third_party/WebKit/Source/core/editing/CaretBase.cpp
+++ b/third_party/WebKit/Source/core/editing/CaretBase.cpp
@@ -187,7 +187,8 @@ void CaretBase::paintCaret(Node* node,
- const Color caretColor = node->layoutObject()->resolveColor(CSSPropertyColor);
+ const Color caretColor =
+ node->layoutObject()->resolveColor(CSSPropertyCaretColor);
IntRect paintRect = pixelSnappedIntRect(drawingRect);
DrawingRecorder drawingRecorder(context, *this, DisplayItem::kCaret,

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