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Unified Diff: third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests/platform/win/editing/caret/caret-color-010-expected.txt

Issue 2520873002: [css-ui] Add support for caret-color property (Closed)
Patch Set: Patch for landing applying suggested changes Created 4 years ago
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Index: third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests/platform/win/editing/caret/caret-color-010-expected.txt
diff --git a/third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests/platform/win/editing/caret/caret-color-010-expected.txt b/third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests/platform/win/editing/caret/caret-color-010-expected.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000..f1797c9edf2b219be8b9395bfe713f972af751d4
--- /dev/null
+++ b/third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests/platform/win/editing/caret/caret-color-010-expected.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+layer at (0,0) size 800x600
+ LayoutView at (0,0) size 800x600
+layer at (0,0) size 800x171
+ LayoutBlockFlow {HTML} at (0,0) size 800x171
+ LayoutBlockFlow {BODY} at (8,16) size 784x147
+ LayoutBlockFlow {P} at (0,0) size 784x18
+ LayoutText {#text} at (0,0) size 613x17
+ text run at (0,0) width 613: "Test passes if, when the input field below is focused for editing, the text insertion caret is green."
+ LayoutBlockFlow {P} at (0,34) size 784x18
+ LayoutText {#text} at (0,0) size 442x17
+ text run at (0,0) width 442: "The shape of the caret, and whether it flashes, are not part of the test."
+ LayoutBlockFlow (anonymous) at (0,68) size 784x79
+ LayoutTextControl {INPUT} at (0,0) size 504x79 [color=#FFFFFF] [bgcolor=#000000] [border: (2px inset #EEEEEE)]
+ LayoutText {#text} at (0,0) size 0x0
+layer at (20,96) size 480x55
+ LayoutBlockFlow {DIV} at (12,12) size 480x55
+caret: position 0 of child 0 {DIV} of {#document-fragment} of child 5 {INPUT} of body

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