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Unified Diff: pkg/compiler/lib/src/js_emitter/full_emitter/declarations.dart

Issue 2482923002: Use `Function` as function type syntax.
Patch Set: Created 4 years, 1 month ago
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Index: pkg/compiler/lib/src/js_emitter/full_emitter/declarations.dart
diff --git a/pkg/compiler/lib/src/js_emitter/full_emitter/declarations.dart b/pkg/compiler/lib/src/js_emitter/full_emitter/declarations.dart
index ac14c66613ccbe807cefd6abc8403778a0f91a05..84ea6fa7686f472520e9fe152afdd8d68c930a24 100644
--- a/pkg/compiler/lib/src/js_emitter/full_emitter/declarations.dart
+++ b/pkg/compiler/lib/src/js_emitter/full_emitter/declarations.dart
@@ -7,12 +7,6 @@ part of dart2js.js_emitter.full_emitter;
/// Enables debugging of fast/slow objects using V8-specific primitives.
const DEBUG_FAST_OBJECTS = false;
- * Call-back for adding property with [name] and [value].
- */
-typedef jsAst.Property AddPropertyFunction(
- jsAst.Name name, jsAst.Expression value);
// Compact field specifications. The format of the field specification is
// <accessorName>:<fieldName><suffix> where the suffix and accessor name
// prefix are optional. The suffix directs the generation of getter and
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