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Issue 2408293003: PNaCl: Update subzero revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS (Closed)

3 years, 10 months ago by Jim Stichnoth
3 years, 10 months ago
Derek Schuff, John
CC:,,, jaydeep.patil, Stefan Maksimovic, sagar.thakur
Target Ref:


PNaCl: Update subzero revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS This pulls in the following Subzero changes: 8fbddc6: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Randomly insert NOP 3e37647: ( Abstract the ELFStreamer class. 40fc819: ( Subzero, MIPS32: nacl-other-intrinsics-mips merged to original file 132ea7a: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Floating point support in ELF output 41ce47c: ( Allow 64-bit code to be stored as ELF64. 464df5b: ( Implement Microsoft x86-64 calling convention support. cc6dea7: ( [SubZero] Use DIV instruction instead of TargetHelperCall 3b61d70: ( Subzero, MIPS32: lowerUnreachable cf9c12f: ( [SubZero] lower float and double constants for MIPS 8d16c1d: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Encoding of FP comparison instructions 0465d02: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Intrinsic call Trap d895447: ( [SubZero] Fix floating-point comparison for MIPS f5d8e09: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Remove duplicate functionalities cadda79: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Instruction NOR, pseudoinstruction NOT d27ce3d: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Intrinsic call Ctlz for i32 6ee373f: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Fix floating point comparison crosstest 0a7f99d: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Intrinsic call Cttz for i32 86b60ef: ( [Subzero][MIPS32] Implements 64-bit shl, lshr, ashr for MIPS 98405d3: ( Subzero, MIPS32: lowerSelect for i64 623f8ce: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Cross-testing enabled for MIPS32 4c49b10: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Filling missing bits from genTargetHelperCallFor 58eeedf: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Binding intrablock labels, unconditional branch 6fd9c0e: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Intrinsic calls Ctlz and Cttz for i64 175cb13: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Intrinsic call Bswap for i16, i32 and i64 6163c62: ( Subzero, MIPS32: DIVU instruction encoding b0f09fc: ( Subzero, MIPS32: MOVZ instruction encoding 70b6ed4: ( [Subzero][MIPS] Implement 64-bit integer compare operations fe93fdd: ( Subzero, MIPS32: SRAV instruction encoding f53580b: ( Don't emit address size prefixes for native x86-64 ABI. 269eed4: ( [Subzero][MIPS] Add RUN command line with -Om1 in test 64bit.pnacl.ll 9309756: ( [Subzero][MIPS] Implement conditional branches with 64-bit integer compares 958ddb7: ( [SubZero] Vector types support for MIPS 033dda7: ( Subzero: Remove --skip-unimplemented from ARM lit tests. afe5fe2: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Fix conditional mov instructions 533a514: ( Subzero: Fix "make -f Makefile.standalone check-lit FORCEASM=1". acfb3df: ( Implement intrinsics for loading/storing subvectors. 71c6937: ( Optimize lowering of x86 byte and word vector unpack. b093539: ( Optimize x86 vector shift by constant. 46f4fea: ( Support running unit tests on Windows. b001cc4: ( [Subzero][MIPS32] Implement bitcast operation for both 32-bit and 64-bit operands BUG=swiftshader:15 BUG=swiftshader:7 BUG=swiftshader:9 TEST= PNaCl toolchain trybots Committed:

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Jim Stichnoth
I want to do a full deps roll of Subzero, mostly to make sure it ...
3 years, 10 months ago (2016-10-12 21:49:46 UTC) #3
Derek Schuff
3 years, 10 months ago (2016-10-12 21:58:07 UTC) #4
Jim Stichnoth
3 years, 10 months ago (2016-10-12 22:00:07 UTC) #6
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Committed patchset #1 (id:1) manually as
a123a8b25857b7402198308a6b42a5172dac30c1 (presubmit successful).

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