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Unified Diff: chrome/installer/util/shell_util.h

Issue 21259: Fix bugs related to making Chrome default browser on Vista. (Closed)
Patch Set: after merge Created 11 years, 10 months ago
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Index: chrome/installer/util/shell_util.h
diff --git a/chrome/installer/util/shell_util.h b/chrome/installer/util/shell_util.h
index 5f8300c7b5c808d647e8d589c9d2e7627f33f42f..8fd9ae6ba43102bb6f69352a5392c6db79aff946 100644
--- a/chrome/installer/util/shell_util.h
+++ b/chrome/installer/util/shell_util.h
@@ -54,6 +54,11 @@ class ShellUtil {
// we add Chrome as a Windows application
static const wchar_t* kRegRegisteredApplications;
+ // The key path and key name required to register Chrome on Windows such
+ // that it can be launched from Start->Run just by name (chrome.exe).
+ static const wchar_t* kAppPathsRegistryKey;
+ static const wchar_t* kAppPathsRegistryPathName;
// Name that we give to Chrome file association handler ProgId.
static const wchar_t* kChromeHTMLProgId;
@@ -78,15 +83,6 @@ class ShellUtil {
// Description of Chrome file/URL association handler ProgId.
static const wchar_t* kChromeExtProgIdDesc;
- // Populate work_item_list with WorkItem entries that will add chrome.exe to
- // the set of App Paths registry keys so that ShellExecute can find it. Note
- // that this is done in HKLM, regardless of whether this is a single-user
- // install or not. For non-admin users, this will fail.
- // chrome_exe: full path to chrome.exe
- // work_item_list: pointer to the WorkItemList that will be populated
- static void AddChromeAppPathWorkItems(const std::wstring& chrome_exe,
- WorkItemList* work_item_list);
// This method adds Chrome to the list that shows up in Add/Remove Programs->
// Set Program Access and Defaults and also creates Chrome ProgIds under
// Software\Classes. This method requires write access to HKLM so is just
@@ -204,4 +200,3 @@ class ShellUtil {
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