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Unified Diff: net/http/http_network_transaction.h

Issue 2099673003: Delete TLS version fallback code in net/http. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Oops, got my branches confused. Created 4 years, 6 months ago
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Index: net/http/http_network_transaction.h
diff --git a/net/http/http_network_transaction.h b/net/http/http_network_transaction.h
index bb606d837b27ae313ec498cfe1f64ca38ac83871..87dc819ec619c8aa9faf3bde2428840429f1b021 100644
--- a/net/http/http_network_transaction.h
+++ b/net/http/http_network_transaction.h
@@ -330,12 +330,6 @@ class NET_EXPORT_PRIVATE HttpNetworkTransaction
SSLConfig server_ssl_config_;
SSLConfig proxy_ssl_config_;
- // fallback_error_code contains the error code that caused the last TLS
- // fallback. If the fallback connection results in
- // ERR_SSL_INAPPROPRIATE_FALLBACK (i.e. the server indicated that the
- // fallback should not have been needed) then we use this value to return the
- // original error that triggered the fallback.
- int fallback_error_code_;
// Keys to use for signing message in Token Binding header.
std::unique_ptr<crypto::ECPrivateKey> provided_token_binding_key_;
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