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Unified Diff: chrome/browser/ui/webui/options/chromeos/storage_manager_handler.h

Issue 2070893003: Storage manager: Show Google Drive offline files. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Correct string and indentation. Created 4 years, 6 months ago
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Index: chrome/browser/ui/webui/options/chromeos/storage_manager_handler.h
diff --git a/chrome/browser/ui/webui/options/chromeos/storage_manager_handler.h b/chrome/browser/ui/webui/options/chromeos/storage_manager_handler.h
index a4f3969482f46fc7bfd533e9d374ae650fd41910..a8a1fc2861e6b72b5ad9407efce3b026a44c9759 100644
--- a/chrome/browser/ui/webui/options/chromeos/storage_manager_handler.h
+++ b/chrome/browser/ui/webui/options/chromeos/storage_manager_handler.h
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ class StorageManagerHandler : public ::options::OptionsPageUIHandler {
void HandleUpdateStorageInfo(const base::ListValue* unused_args);
void HandleOpenDownloads(const base::ListValue* unused_args);
void HandleOpenArcStorage(const base::ListValue* unused_args);
+ void HandleClearDriveCache(const base::ListValue* unused_args);
// Requests updating disk space information.
void UpdateSizeStat();
@@ -44,12 +45,21 @@ class StorageManagerHandler : public ::options::OptionsPageUIHandler {
// Callback to update the UI about the size of Downloads directory.
void OnGetDownloadsSize(int64_t size);
+ // Requests updating the size of Drive Cache.
+ void UpdateDriveCacheSize();
+ // Callback to update the UI about the size of Drive Cache.
+ void OnGetDriveCacheSize(int64_t size);
// Requests updating the space size used by Android apps and cache.
void UpdateArcSize();
// Callback to update the UI about Android apps and cache.
void OnGetArcSize(bool succeeded, arc::mojom::ApplicationsSizePtr size);
+ // Callback called when clearing Drive cache is done.
+ void OnClearDriveCacheDone(bool success);
base::WeakPtrFactory<StorageManagerHandler> weak_ptr_factory_;

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