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Unified Diff: components/content_settings/core/browser/host_content_settings_map.h

Issue 1895993003: Add migration code to change existing domain scoped content settings to be origin scoped (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: rewrite ContentSettingsPatterns::MigrateFromDomaintoOrigin Created 4 years, 6 months ago
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Index: components/content_settings/core/browser/host_content_settings_map.h
diff --git a/components/content_settings/core/browser/host_content_settings_map.h b/components/content_settings/core/browser/host_content_settings_map.h
index ec33722e9996e4b9250274a0746a06ce9b1f436b..b5af0111f8c063d2fd5a7d9cbb16530903957f91 100644
--- a/components/content_settings/core/browser/host_content_settings_map.h
+++ b/components/content_settings/core/browser/host_content_settings_map.h
@@ -280,6 +280,7 @@ class HostContentSettingsMap : public content_settings::Observer,
friend class base::RefCountedThreadSafe<HostContentSettingsMap>;
+ friend class HostContentSettingsMapTest_MigrateDomainScopedSettings_Test;
friend class HostContentSettingsMapTest_MigrateKeygenSettings_Test;
friend class content_settings::TestUtils;
@@ -311,6 +312,14 @@ class HostContentSettingsMap : public content_settings::Observer,
// leave in some code to remove old-format settings for a long time.
void MigrateKeygenSettings();
+ // Migrate old domain scoped ALLOW settings to be origin scoped for
+ // ContentSettingsTypes which are domain scoped. Only narrow down ALLOW
+ // domain settings to origins so that this will not cause privacy/security
+ // issues.
+ // TODO(lshang): Remove this when clients have
+ // migrated (~M55).
+ void MigrateDomainScopedSettings();
// Collect UMA data about the number of exceptions.
void RecordNumberOfExceptions();

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