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Unified Diff: appengine/monorail/templates/framework/file-content-part.ezt

Issue 1868553004: Open Source Monorail (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Rebase Created 4 years, 8 months ago
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Index: appengine/monorail/templates/framework/file-content-part.ezt
diff --git a/appengine/monorail/templates/framework/file-content-part.ezt b/appengine/monorail/templates/framework/file-content-part.ezt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000..e3223d2ff1672c8f4c5808a030119168e277bd18
--- /dev/null
+++ b/appengine/monorail/templates/framework/file-content-part.ezt
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+[# Safely display user-content text, such a program source code, with
+ line numbers and the ability to comment (if enabled).
+Other EZT variables used:
+ revision: revision ID string.
+ file_lines: List of lines in the file. Each line
+ has a line number, line content, and list of published and unpublished
+ comments.
+ should_prettify: whether the text should be syntax highlighted.
+ prettify_class: additional CSS class used to tell prettify.js how to
+ best syntax highlight this source file.
+[# Display the line numbers and source lines in separate columns.
+ See corresponding comments L1, L2, L3 and S1, S2, S3 below.
+ This is messy because the pre tags have significant whitespace, so we
+ break lines inside the tags themslves to make our templates readable.
+ The table has class "opened" or "closed" and the published comment cells
+ and their corresponding gutter cells are conditionally displayed by the
+ CSS rules for the "ifOpened" class. The "hide published comments" link
+ toggles the table's open/closed state.]
+<table class="opened" id="review_comment_area"><tr>
+<td id="nums">
+[# L1. Start with a nocursor row at the top to space the line numbers down the
+ same amount as the source code lines w/ their initial cursor_hidden row.]
+<pre><table width="100%"><tr class="nocursor"><td></td></tr></table></pre>
+[# L2. Display each line number in a row that we can refer
+ to by ID, and make each line number a self-link w/ anchor.
+ If that source line has any published comments, add a nocursor row
+ for spacing to match the corresponding cursor_hidden row, and a gutter
+ cell. The height of the gutter cell is set by JS. Same for unpublished
+ comments.]
+<pre><table width="100%" id="nums_table_0">[for file_lines]<tr id="gr_svn[revision]_[file_lines.num]"
+><td id="[file_lines.num]"><a href="#[file_lines.num]">[file_lines.num]</a></td></tr
+[# L3. Finish the line numbers column with another nocursor row to match
+ the spacing of the source code column's final cursor_hidden row.]
+<pre><table width="100%"><tr class="nocursor"><td></td></tr></table></pre>
+<td id="lines">
+[# S1. Start the source code column with a cursor row. ]
+<pre><table width="100%"><tr class="cursor_stop cursor_hidden"><td></td></tr></table></pre>
+[# S2. Display each source code line in a table row and cell
+ that we can identify by id.]
+<pre [if-any should_prettify]class="prettyprint [prettify_class]"[end]><table id="src_table_0">[for file_lines]<tr
+><td class="source">[file_lines.line]<br></td></tr
+[# S3. Finish the line numbers column with another cursor stop.]
+<pre><table width="100%"><tr class="cursor_stop cursor_hidden"><td></td></tr></table></pre>

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