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Side by Side Diff: third_party/polymer/v1_0/components-chromium/iron-menu-behavior/

Issue 1834313003: Remove unneeded files from third_party/polymer. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Restore bower.json files. Created 4 years, 8 months ago
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2 <!--
3 This file is autogenerated based on
6 If you edit that file, it will get updated everywhere else.
7 If you edit this file, your changes will get overridden :)
9 You can however override the jsbin link with one that's customized to this
10 specific element:
12 jsbin=,output
13 -->
14 # Polymer Elements
15 ## Guide for Contributors
17 Polymer Elements are built in the open, and the Polymer authors eagerly encourag e any and all forms of community contribution. When contributing, please follow these guidelines:
19 ### Filing Issues
21 **If you are filing an issue to request a feature**, please provide a clear desc ription of the feature. It can be helpful to describe answers to the following q uestions:
23 1. **Who will use the feature?** _“As someone filling out a form…”_
24 2. **When will they use the feature?** _“When I enter an invalid value…”_
25 3. **What is the user’s goal?** _“I want to be visually notified that the value needs to be corrected…”_
27 **If you are filing an issue to report a bug**, please provide:
29 1. **A clear description of the bug and related expectations.** Consider using the following example template for reporting a bug:
31 ```markdown
32 The `paper-foo` element causes the page to turn pink when clicked.
34 ## Expected outcome
36 The page stays the same color.
38 ## Actual outcome
40 The page turns pink.
42 ## Steps to reproduce
44 1. Put a `paper-foo` element in the page.
45 2. Open the page in a web browser.
46 3. Click the `paper-foo` element.
47 ```
49 2. **A reduced test case that demonstrates the problem.** If possible, please i nclude the test case as a JSBin. Start with this template to easily import and u se relevant Polymer Elements: [,output](https: //,output).
51 3. **A list of browsers where the problem occurs.** This can be skipped if the problem is the same across all browsers.
53 ### Submitting Pull Requests
55 **Before creating a pull request**, please ensure that an issue exists for the c orresponding change in the pull request that you intend to make. **If an issue d oes not exist, please create one per the guidelines above**. The goal is to disc uss the design and necessity of the proposed change with Polymer authors and com munity before diving into a pull request.
57 When submitting pull requests, please provide:
59 1. **A reference to the corresponding issue** or issues that will be closed by the pull request. Please refer to these issues in the pull request description u sing the following syntax:
61 ```markdown
62 (For a single issue)
63 Fixes #20
65 (For multiple issues)
66 Fixes #32, fixes #40
67 ```
69 2. **A succinct description of the design** used to fix any related issues. For example:
71 ```markdown
72 This fixes #20 by removing styles that leaked which would cause the page to tur n pink whenever `paper-foo` is clicked.
73 ```
75 3. **At least one test for each bug fixed or feature added** as part of the pul l request. Pull requests that fix bugs or add features without accompanying test s will not be considered.
77 If a proposed change contains multiple commits, please [squash commits](https:// -commits-in-a-github-pull-request) to as few as is necessary to succinctly expre ss the change. A Polymer author can help you squash commits, so don’t be afraid to ask us if you need help with that!

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