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Issue 1703018: Add the ability to export the captured NetLog data to a formatted text file, ... (Closed)

8 years ago by eroman
6 years, 11 months ago
Mike Belshe
chromium-reviews, arv (Not doing code reviews),


Add the ability to export the captured NetLog data to a formatted text file, or to JSON. This is similar to the display of about:net-internals, and is intended to be used when attaching log info to bug reports. The formatting is still fairly crude, and there are some remaining TODOs. BUG=37421 Committed:

Patch Set 1 #

Patch Set 2 : Address mbelshe's comments #

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A chrome/browser/resources/net_internals/dataview.js View 1 1 chunk +193 lines, -0 lines 0 comments Download
M chrome/browser/resources/net_internals/index.html View 1 3 chunks +10 lines, -0 lines 0 comments Download
M chrome/browser/resources/net_internals/main.js View 10 chunks +65 lines, -25 lines 0 comments Download
M chrome/chrome_browser.gypi View 1 chunk +1 line, -0 lines 0 comments Download


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8 years ago (2010-04-29 00:08:28 UTC) #1
Mike Belshe
LGTM In the UI, I think you should just fill in the text (for cut ...
8 years ago (2010-04-29 16:44:53 UTC) #2
8 years ago (2010-04-29 18:24:37 UTC) #3
Done. (I renamed the button per your suggestion).

For now I decided to leave it as an extra click, since it wasn't trivial to
address some of the difficulties that arise when inlining.

Perhaps I could turn the button into a "Copy to clipboard" button to make up the
extra click.

The UI issues I had with  inlining:

  * How to deal with dynamic updates; the user's expectation will be for the
tab's contents to change as new data is captured (since this is what the other
tabs do). However if the text is changing, that makes it more difficult to do an
atomic copy-paste since the selection changes. Conversely, if the text is not
being updated dynamically, we run the risk of the user copy-pasting old data.

  * I will probably be adding some extra buttons to this tab, in order to
provide a mechanism for importing data (from JSON), and for resetting all the
captured data.

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