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Unified Diff: documentation/filesystem_access.txt

Issue 1690983004: Extended restricted filesystem to support relative paths. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Allow relative paths without prepending CWD Created 4 years, 10 months ago
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Index: documentation/filesystem_access.txt
diff --git a/documentation/filesystem_access.txt b/documentation/filesystem_access.txt
index b7016de87c8c73dcaf0091c99b98bfb78d499a4b..0ea0ef198ef1edfebdd91594f3fe4744cb8e9a0f 100644
--- a/documentation/filesystem_access.txt
+++ b/documentation/filesystem_access.txt
@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@ be guaranteed by the caller:
* The mounted directory is assumed to not include any symlinks.
These constraints will be enforced by sel_ldr:
- * Pathnames must be absolute. Relative pathnames are explicitly disallowed.
* Pathnames may not include the substring "..".
* Access to filesystem within sel_ldr will behave as if as if the mounted
directory is root.
@@ -68,11 +67,10 @@ Given that strategy, the following syscall changes were straightforward:
### Path sanitization
-Path sanitization happens through a three stage process:
+Requires that the cwd is within the mounted directory (set at initialization).
Mark Seaborn 2016/02/24 21:19:19 Make this "Path sanitization checks that..." so th
Sean Klein 2016/02/24 23:40:43 Done.
-1) Ensure the user's path is absolute.
-2) Prefix the path to the mounted directory.
-3) Ensure that the path does not contain "..".
+If the user's path is absolute, prefix the path to the mounted directory.
+Ensure that the path does not contain "..".
### Symlinks
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