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Unified Diff: chromeos/network/auto_connect_handler.h

Issue 1415683013: Let AutoConnectHandler wait for user policy before disconnecting (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Created 5 years, 1 month ago
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Index: chromeos/network/auto_connect_handler.h
diff --git a/chromeos/network/auto_connect_handler.h b/chromeos/network/auto_connect_handler.h
index 26444dc9da70cdc69564b4ef713a1dcfc79e4adb..6d990be9ed7c1b6a85fda0a781678d25ed4a6ab0 100644
--- a/chromeos/network/auto_connect_handler.h
+++ b/chromeos/network/auto_connect_handler.h
@@ -58,11 +58,11 @@ class CHROMEOS_EXPORT AutoConnectHandler : public LoginState::Observer,
// If the user logged in already and the policy to prevent unmanaged & shared
// networks to autoconnect is enabled, then disconnects all such networks
// except wired networks. It will do this only once after the user logged in
- // and the device policy was available.
+ // and the device policy and user policy was available.
// This is enforced once after a user logs in 1) to allow mananged networks to
// autoconnect and 2) to prevent a previous user from foisting a network on
// the new user. Therefore, this function is called at login and when the
- // device policy is changed.
+ // device policy is changed after user policy is fetched and applied.
void DisconnectIfPolicyRequires();
// Disconnects from all unmanaged and shared WiFi networks that are currently
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