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Side by Side Diff: commit-queue/tests/data/testCMDcurrent_expected.txt

Issue 135363007: Delete public commit queue to avoid confusion after move to internal repo (Closed) Base URL: svn://
Patch Set: Created 6 years, 10 months ago
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1 "linux\n29974: slave= vm127-m4 duration=18435059 eta= 295 blame=yoz@chromiu\n29976: slave= vm151-m4 duration=18434659 eta= 609 blame=jhawkins@chr\n29978: slave= vm123-m4 duration=18434359 eta= 336 blame=zelidrag\n29979: slave= vm138-m4 duration=18434229 eta= 576 blame=ceva\n29980: slave= vm141-m4 duration=18434219 eta= 580 blame=li\n29981: slave= vm137-m4 duration=18433869 eta= 1101 blame=\n29982: slave= vm140-m4 duration=18433779 eta= 1108 blame=s\n29983: slave= vm136-m4 duration=18433549 eta= 1279 blam\n29984: slave= vm135-m4 duration=18433379 eta= 715 blam\n29985: slave= vm155-m4 duration=18432949 eta= 981\n29986: slave= vm163-m4 duration=18432808 eta= 16 11\n29987: slave= vm146-m4 duration=18432757 eta= 161 0\n29988: slave= vm164-m4 duration=18432619 eta= 1902\n29989: slave= vm158-m4 duration=18432609 eta= 1693\n29992: slave= vm145-m4 duration=1843 2527 eta= 1771,\n29993: slave= vm157-m4 duration=18432407 eta= 1857\n29994: slave = vm143-m4 duration=18432269 eta= 1986\n29995: sla ve= vm139-m4 duration=18432248 eta= 2168, commit-b\n29996: slave= vm131-m4 duration=18431819 eta= 2984 blame=ro\n29997: slave= vm150-m4 duration=18431629 eta= 2566\n29998: slave= vm162-m4 duration=18431499 eta= 2708 bla\nlinux_clang\n1960: slave= vm46-m4 duration=18432599 eta= 326,\n1962: slave= v m104-m4 duration=18431269 eta= 1156, commit-bot@chr\nlinux_touch\n 83: slave= vm112-m4 duration=18431158 eta= 934 bl\n"
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