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Side by Side Diff: commit-queue/README

Issue 135363007: Delete public commit queue to avoid confusion after move to internal repo (Closed) Base URL: svn://
Patch Set: Created 6 years, 10 months ago
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1 Commit queue master process scripts.
3 This script requires privileged access to be able to impersonate svn
4 credentials. When it detects it's not run on the main server, it will run in
5 'dry run' mode where it has no effect; it doesn't modify issues on rietveld or
6 commit patches.
9 Design overview:
11 The commit queue process runs a tight loop that does 2 things in parallel:
12 - Scans for new reviews on a rietveld instance with commit bit (c+) set and
13 enqueue these to the commit queue.
14 - Manages the pending entries in the commit queue by testing each item
15 independently and committing as soon as all the signals for a specific review
16 are green.
18 The life of a pending commit is:
19 - If any of the following steps fail; mark the review c-, remove from the queue
20 and add a comment on the review.
21 - Run presubmit scripts and make sure there is a LGTM from a valid reviewer.
22 - Send the patch to the try server on relevant builders and run relevant
23 tests.
24 - Wait for all try jobs completes and be green.
25 - Sync local checkout to HEAD.
26 - Apply the patch.
27 - Commit as the user.
29 Each verification step is done through a Verifier plug-in. Every Verifier is a
30 single python file in verifications/.
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