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Side by Side Diff: gm/tests/outputs/pipe-playback-failure/output-expected/stderr

Issue 129203002: GM: run mode comparisons for all raster configs. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: pointer becomes ref Created 6 years, 11 months ago
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1 GM: FAILED to write bitmap: gm/tests/outputs/pipe-playback-failure/output-actual /mismatchPath/comparison/selftest1-pipe.png 1 GM: ---- 8888/selftest1-pipe.png: 60000 (of 60000) differing pixels, max per-cha nnel mismatch R=135 G=246 B=135 A=0
2 GM: ---- comparison/selftest1-pipe.png: 60000 (of 60000) differing pixels, max p er-channel mismatch R=135 G=246 B=135 A=0 2 GM: ---- 565/selftest1-pipe.png: not computing max per-channel pixel mismatch be cause non-8888

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