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Issue 12045023: Merge 140035 (Closed)

7 years, 11 months ago by Peter Beverloo
7 years, 11 months ago
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Merge 140035 As approved in > [chromium] Double-tap zoom should take into account accessibility fontScaleFactor > > > Patch by John Mellor <>; on 2013-01-17 > Reviewed by Adam Barth. > > Platforms which support Text Autosizing (currently just Chrome for > Android) may provide a textAutosizingFontScaleFactor (defaults to 1.0). > > This value is intended to be chosen by the user to indicate how large > they want text to appear, for example Chrome for Android has a "Text > scaling" slider in Settings > Accessibility that lets you choose a value > in the range 50% - 200% (defaults to 100%*). > > For text in wide columns that typically gets autosized, this value is > applied by multiplying the textAutosizingMultiplier computed for each > cluster by the textAutosizingFontScaleFactor. Double-tap zoom will fit > the column to the screen (ignoring the textAutosizingFontScaleFactor) > since the column is wide. This part already works. > > For text in narrow columns that doesn't get autosized, the > textAutosizingFontScaleFactor is not applied through Text Autosizing, > and instead needs to be applied by adjusting the double-tap zoom level. > When double-tapping on narrow columns, instead of fitting the column to > the screen (which would often zoom in excessively far), the existing > logic in computeScaleAndScrollForHitRect applies a maximum zoom level > called the legibleScale. This value needs to be multiplied by the > textAutosizingFontScaleFactor, so that we zoom in proportionately > further on non-autosized narrow columns, hence the effective text size > (taking into account zoom) will have increased in proportion to the > textAutosizingFontScaleFactor as expected. > > * src/WebViewImpl.cpp: > (WebKit::WebViewImpl::computeScaleAndScrollForHitRect): > Multiplies legibleScale (the maximum zoom level) by the > textAutosizingFontScaleFactor. > * tests/WebFrameTest.cpp: > Added WebFrameTest.DivAutoZoomScaleFontScaleFactorTest based on > WebFrameTest.DivAutoZoomScaleBoundsTest to test the interaction > between textAutosizingFontScaleFactor and the double-tap zoom logic. > Also did minor cleanup to WebFrameTest.DivAutoZoomScaleBoundsTest. Committed:

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Peter Beverloo
7 years, 11 months ago (2013-01-22 17:22:01 UTC) #1


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