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Unified Diff: Source/WebCore/ChangeLog

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Issue 11635024: Merge 137939 (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Created 8 years ago
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Index: Source/WebCore/ChangeLog
--- Source/WebCore/ChangeLog (revision 138187)
+++ Source/WebCore/ChangeLog (working copy)
@@ -1,3 +1,79 @@
+2012-12-17 Levi Weintraub <>
+ Add support for tracking hit test rectangles to enable fast event rejection in the compositor
+ Reviewed by James Robinson.
+ Adding support for tracking hit test target regions for the purpose of performing initial hit testing
+ in the compositor to avoid blocking scrolling on the main thread while waiting to hit test events that
+ aren't occuring in regions with handlers. This is initially being done to avoid having to go to the main
+ thread when scrolling by flicking on touch devices when the flick occurs outside a tracked touch event
+ region. This patch includes the implementation to turn this on in Chromium.
+ To accomplish this goal, Document will now keep a counted hash set of nodes with touch event handlers
+ instead of only an unsigned integer of the total count. ScrollingCoordinator then updates the compositor
+ when new touch event handlers are registered or removed, or after layout much like how
+ nonFastScrollableRegions are currently tracked.
+ This implementation will not properly update the hit test rects when the renderers are inside a sub-
+ tree that scrolls.
+ This change was initially rolled out due to stale Node pointers in Document's touchEventTargets. This
+ patch adds a callback to remove the Node from that structure to Node's destructor. This is covered
+ by the touch-target-removed-crash.html test case which is also added.
+ Test: platform/chromium/fast/events/touch/compositor-touch-hit-rects.html
+ platform/chromium/fast/events/touch/touch-target-removed-crash.html
+ * dom/Document.cpp:
+ (WebCore::Document::Document): Added a HashCountedSet of touch target nodes. Note: DOMWindow targets
+ are stored as the Document they point to.
+ (WebCore::Document::didAddTouchEventHandler): Changed to keep track of the handler instead of a count, and
+ to update the ScrollingCoordinator with the change.
+ (WebCore::Document::didRemoveTouchEventHandler): Ditto.
+ * dom/Document.h:
+ (WebCore::Document::hasTouchEventHandlers): It's no longer O(1) to get the count of touch handlers, so
+ expose whether there are any or not.
+ (WebCore::Document::touchEventTargets):
+ * dom/Node.cpp:
+ (WebCore::Node::didMoveToNewDocument):
+ (WebCore::tryAddEventListener):
+ (WebCore::tryRemoveEventListener):
+ * history/CachedFrame.cpp:
+ (WebCore::CachedFrameBase::restore):
+ * html/HTMLInputElement.cpp:
+ (WebCore::HTMLInputElement::~HTMLInputElement):
+ (WebCore::HTMLInputElement::updateType):
+ * page/DOMWindow.cpp:
+ (WebCore::DOMWindow::addEventListener): Add the Document to the touch target set instead of DOMWindow.
+ (WebCore::DOMWindow::removeEventListener):
+ * page/EventHandler.cpp:
+ (WebCore::EventHandler::handleTouchEvent):
+ * page/Frame.cpp:
+ (WebCore::Frame::setDocument):
+ * page/scrolling/ScrollingCoordinator.cpp:
+ (WebCore::ScrollingCoordinator::computeAbsoluteTouchEventTargetRects): Walk the renderers for event handler
+ nodes and generate the absolute hit testing rects.
+ * page/scrolling/ScrollingCoordinator.h:
+ (WebCore::ScrollingCoordinator::setTouchEventTargetRectsChanged): Hook to pass along the hit test rects to
+ the scrolling tree/compositor.
+ (ScrollingCoordinator):
+ * page/scrolling/chromium/ScrollingCoordinatorChromium.cpp:
+ (WebCore::ScrollingCoordinatorChromium::frameViewLayoutUpdated):
+ (WebCore::ScrollingCoordinatorChromium::setTouchEventTargetRectsChanged):
+ (WebCore::ScrollingCoordinatorChromium::setNonFastScrollableRegion):
+ (WebCore::ScrollingCoordinatorChromium::setTouchEventTargetRects):
+ * page/scrolling/chromium/ScrollingCoordinatorChromium.h:
+ (ScrollingCoordinatorChromium):
+ * testing/Internals.cpp:
+ (WebCore::Internals::touchEventHandlerCount): Changed to do the work to calculate the actual count since
+ it's no longer stored as an int in Document.
+ (WebCore::Internals::touchEventTargetClientRects):
+ * testing/Internals.h:
+ (Internals):
+ * testing/Internals.idl:
2012-12-17 Avi Drissman <>
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