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Side by Side Diff: chrome/test/data/extensions/api_test/sync_file_system/write_file_then_get_usage/manifest.json

Issue 11368160: Added combined test for Syncable File System to write file and then get that usage gets updated. (Closed) Base URL: svn://
Patch Set: updated Created 3 years ago
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1 {
2 "name": "chrome.syncFileSystem.writeFileThenGetUsage",
3 "version": "0.1",
4 "manifest_version": 2,
5 "description": "Compound test to get file system, write a file with some data and check usage gets updated accurately.",
6 "permissions": ["syncFileSystem"],
7 "app": {
8 "background": {
9 "scripts": ["test.js"]
kinuko 2012/11/09 07:24:49 nit: It looks it originally comes from the file I'
calvinlo 2012/11/09 08:06:14 Ok I changed all 4 manifest.json files under sync_
10 }
11 }
12 }

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